Party Bus Rental Tips

Looking for the “Best Price ?”    You may be disappointed.The biggest error you could make when shopping for a limo rental is searching based on PRICE alone. In the limousine/party bus industry, there are many variances of quality and price. All too often, a cheaper price translates into larger risk for you. the customer.


Most consumers would not choose a restaurant or hotel based on price, yet people shop for a limo service this way and expect 5-star quality service. If you shop for a limousine based on price alone, you will likely be frustrated and disappointed with your limousine experience.


Old, dirty, poorly maintained vehicles, shoddy service, unprofessional chauffeurs with poor hygiene, dangerous vehicles, late service, and under-insured services are all possible results of a “best price” shopping priority.  There are  exceptions — however, the rule usually is – the lower the price, the more risk you will assume with your  luxury transportation needs.





Risks you take when shopping for a limousine based on price alone.

1.Your limousine does not show up. You miss your concert.

2.Your limousine shows up late. You miss your dinner engagement and  club reservations.

3.A 1987 model limousine – rusting at the seams – arrives at your door when you were expecting at a 2012 model. Instead of being lavished in luxury, you are embarrassed.

4.Your limousine shows up with an unprofessional chauffeur with poor hygiene.

5.Your limousine chauffeur exercises poor customer service with your company’s most influential client. You lose the account.

6.Your limousine service gets into an accident and does not have proper insurance to cover the damages involved in your injuries.

7.Your limousine drops an axle during transport and you are injured. Turns out your service did not have the limousine safety inspected as state law mandates.

8.Your limousine breaks down on the freeway during transport to the San Diego Chargers game. You and 7 of your friends missed the big game- but you saved $35.00.




Don’t be afraid to ask about Insurance and Permits.


All limousines are required to carry commercial insurance and the proper permits. Unfortunately, the Yellow Pages and advertising services do not require insurance coverage or permits in order to advertise in their publications. Don’t be afraid to protect yourself from “gypsy companies”, and ask for proof of these items from your selected limousine company.






What about – “The Limo Broke Down!” or “We Don’t Have your Reservation.”



Don’t be the unfortunate customer who gets the “The Limo Broke Down” or “We Don’t Have Your Reservation” story. Cover yourself ahead of time by dealing with a reputable limousine company. Shopping on price alone can be dangerous. Some unethical operators – will not  hesitate to drop a reservation – to pickup a better paying fare.



Charter Party Bus Rental Costs – How price is determined.

•Hourly Rental Time: Limousine services charge on a per hour basis. Charges  may vary from $50/hr upward to $150/hr depending on the amount of time you plan to use and type of vehicle.

•Travel Distance: If your transportation involves an abnormal amount of travel time, some services may charge an additional amount.



Do We Have to Pay for the Limo While we Attend the Concert?


In cases where you aren’t using the limousine during your rental (such as bar-hopping, dinner reservations, concerts, sporting events, etc.) you may still have to pay for the rental time, even if you aren’t physically using the vehicle. While you are at a concert, the vehicle cannot be used elsewhere; even when there are 2 or 3 hours in between the and pickup. Whenever possible The San Diego Crawler offers a discounted hourly rate when the vehicle is idly waiting outside a concert, club, etc .




When Do My Rental Charges Begin?


If you say, “Pick us up at 6pm at 123 Main St”, then this will be the beginning of your rental charge. Be wary of companies that begin rental charges on portal-to-portal basis and charge ‘travel-time’. Specifically, your rental time may begin the moment the limousine begins its journey to your first pickup location.


Can We Drink Alcohol or smoke in the Limo?


Yes, as long as EVERYONE onboard is over 21. UNDERAGE drinking is not allowed under any circumstances.



Do We Have to Tip The Driver?


Yes. The standard tip is 20% of the total fare. If you feel your driver has performed in an exceeding manner, you can tip more. Some companies will AUTOMATICALLY force the gratuity (tip) in their total price quote, we believe this does not motivate the driver to perform exceptionally, since he/she knows they are getting 20% regardless of service.